Britain's iconic global airline

BOAC and the Golden Age of Flying

Britain's iconic global airline

The book BOAC AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF FLYING grew from a Facebook group that Malcolm Turner started in April 2018.

   “I had seen a number of groups devoted to other airlines past and present and wondered why no-one had started one for BOAC. Finally, I decided to start one myself, and was astonished at how many people not only remembered an airline which disappeared forty-five years ago, they still felt as much nostalgia for it as I did.”

   The group now has close to 2,000 members, many of whom worked for BOAC and all of whom think it stood for something exceptional.

   The relatively short period during which BOAC existed, 1940 to 1974, coincided with what is sometimes known as the Golden Age of Flying. An era when people dressed to fly and thought that air travel was special, almost as important as the destination itself.

   This book is not a history of BOAC, although history obviously comes into it, it is more a celebration of an era which will never return. In our times air travel has become much safer, much cheaper, but infinitely less glamorous. This book recalls the days when flying was thought to be so exotic that major Hollywood movies were set entirely in airport departure lounges.


Captain Thomas Scott Cooper

United Airlines, Temecula

"Fantastic book... Highly recommended!" 


Rory Macdonald

Milton Keynes

"Fabulous. I learnt a lot I didn't know about Imperial Airways and BOAC and also re-lived many wonderful old memories. Definitely recommend this book. Well done Malcolm Turner."


Thomas Hilditch


"A complete description of my memories of BOAC from my adolescence in Constellations, Stratocruisers, and DC7Cs, and then in my teen years being allowed to sit in the flight deck jump seat for landings in VC10s, 707s, and finally 757s. I was so fortunate to have experienced the golden era of flight travel."


Geoffrey Weill

New York

"Bravo on this super achievement!"


Peter Brown

Church Crookham

"A fantastic and priceless treasure!"


Andy Gardner


"Brilliant book to read. So much information about BOAC. A real informatve read. Being former cabin crew for the airline, I thought I had a fairly good knowledge of my former employer — until reading this book."


Simon Hepworth

Merthyr Tydfil

"Top quality with some awesome photographs and illustrations. Highly recommended."


Sean Naghibi


"A beautiful book and content rich... if you are into your BOAC, get this book before they all go!"


Craig Mulholland-Dalby


"A great read! Couldn’t put it down!"


Ravi Mene


"Excellent read, history and pictures, a collector's edition!"

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