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Help to enlarge the Speedbird collection

Juke Dillaway is seeking help to buy Rich Mitchell's huge collection of BOAC memorabilia and add it to his own considerable collection. He hopes, ultimately, to form a museum, or some kind of public display.

Juke has been collecting all things related to British Airways and its predecessors for 22 years. His 'Speedbird Collection' covers Imperial Airways, BOAC, BEA, British Airways, British Caledonian Airways and Dan Air; and includes everything from sick bags to cabin seats, and uniforms to tea spoons.

Rich Mitchell wants to sell an enormous quantity of memorabilia collected by his father over a lifetime. The Mitchell collection is vast and comprises literally hundreds of original items, most of which have been preserved in mint condition.

Juke is hoping to raise £2,000, via his fundraising page:

We hope he is successful.

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